Construction Cleanup

Construction cleanup is an essential part of any building project. It involves removing debris, dust, and other waste materials from the construction site to ensure a safe and clean environment. Construction cleanup not only improves the overall appearance of the site but also helps prevent accidents and injuries. From clearing away rubble and disposing of hazardous materials to sweeping and mopping floors, Pro Maintenance Service handles it all for you. Whether it's a small renovation or a large-scale construction project, proper cleanup is a necessary part of the process. Call Pro Maintenance Service to take care of your construction cleanup needs in the San Angelo area.
Cosmetic Brick Work

Construction Cleaning Services & Pressure Washing in San Angelo, TX

A big construction or remodeling project can be long and stressful. Even after the last construction crew has packed up, a big mess usually remains. Construction cleanup can be hazardous work and should be entrusted to the experienced bonded and insured crew at Pro Maintenance Service.  

We have the experience and the knowledge to quickly, carefully, and safely handle construction site cleanup jobs allowing you to sit back and enjoy the finished project. Whether you’re dealing with drywall dust, dirt, or other debris, Pro Maintenance’s professional cleaning services can tackle that final chore and make sure construction cleanup is safe and tidy.

Specialized & Routine Cleaning Services

If you need additional cleaning services after your construction is complete, Pro Maintenance Service also offers pressure washing, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning, as well as floor restoration and routine cleaning services.

Stay safe and enjoy the finished results by calling Pro Maintenance Service Inc. today at (325) 658-6529 to schedule your construction cleanup.